Join the MARCH Centre’s Student Liaison Team

The MARCH Centre aims to improve women’s and children’s health worldwide through:

  • Fostering world-class multidisciplinary research through the lifecycle
  • Improving the global knowledge base, promoting research collaborations and getting evidence into policy and practice
  • Developing leadership for change.

These aims mirror the School’s mission of achieving excellence in research, translation of knowledge into policy and practice, and education.

The MARCH Centre is organised around three priority points in the lifecycle (ABC):

1. Adolescent and young people achieving healthy transitions (school age, adolescence and reproductive years)

2. Births that are wanted, pregnancies that are safe, babies alive and thriving (preconception, pregnancy, birth and neonatal)

3. Children with a healthy start, optimal growth and development (neonatal, infancy, preschool, school age)

The themes aim to:

  • Offer members a forum to exchange ideas, share news and take advantage of unique multidisciplinary strengths of the School under the auspices of MARCH Centre
  • Break down the MARCH Centre membership into more manageable groups
  • Give an overview of current research in each theme

The MARCH Centre does not own research under its name, rather it provides a central hub for all research in women’s and children’s health within the School, and with key external partners. This process produces visibility and increases policy uptake for existing research, maximises the opportunity for new grants and also enables higher quality education.

Purpose of the Student Liaison Team: Three student liaisons (one for each of the MARCH themes – ABC) will work closely with the MARCH Centre Senior Leadership Team, the MARCH Research Assistant as well as Centre Support to provide a link between the MARCH Centre and the student body. This voluntary role is intended for students to engage with the Centre, provide communications support to the theme leads and promote the theme to the student body through social media and events.

Key responsibilities:

  • Admin/communications support: Work with the corresponding theme lead to provide general support as needed. Usually involves participating in the theme meetings, taking notes and providing material for website/social media.
  • Content generation: Using notes from MARCH theme meetings, recent papers from theme researchers or theme events to generate content for the MARCH Centre website and social media platforms.
  • Event planning and support: Working with the MARCH Centre SLT, the central Events team and the MARCH Centre Research Assistant to come up with student events, invite speakers and organise running of events (for each theme). Promote theme events through Centre newsletters, email circulars and social media, and support theme leads with communications and admin related activities for priority events.


 Please apply to be part of our Student Liaison Team for themes A, B or C here by midnight on Sunday 19th November 2017.