Births That Are Wanted and Safe

What is the B theme about?

Every year there are over 200 million pregnancies in the world, wanted and unwanted, that result in a healthy baby delivered by a healthy woman, or an adverse birth outcome that afflicts mother, child, or both.

There are an estimated 5.5 million deaths around the time of birth each year, including 2.6 million stillbirths, 2.6 million neonatal deaths, and 303,000 maternal deaths. One in every four couples in the developing world has been affected by infertility with global levels of primary and secondary infertility relatively unchanged between 1990 and 2010. The ‘Birth’ theme covers issues related to preconception, family planning, pregnancy, care at birth and the immediate postnatal period. Topics covered by MARCH members include infertility, menstrual hygiene, induced abortion and miscarriage, contraceptive needs and unmet needs, obstetric complications, maternal mortality, prevention and treatment of infectious and chronic diseases during pregnancy, stillbirth, and neonatal morbidity and mortality, particularly preterm birth.

What does the B theme do?

8.A new life is born- the mid-wife holds up the boy, Sajila lies beside.The ‘Birth’ theme includes anthropologists, paediatricians, epidemiologists, lab scientists, economists, demographers, statisticians as well as several other disciplines. MARCH members play a leading role in quantifying the burden of diseases as well as testing interventions or technologies designed to prevent and to treat complications of birth and deaths, in high- and low-resource countries. MARCH members also study how maternity, antenatal, postnatal and reproductive health services can be used as a platform to deliver services that prevent and control infections such as HIV, malaria, and other public health problems such as violence against women.