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  • 208-266

    Conducting research on specific interventions and services to improve health care

  • 1593-4

    Investigating the determinants of sexual and reproductive health

  • 2009-940

    Describing the epidemiology of child morbidity and mortality

  • 2009-239

    Developing methods for evaluating progress achieved by health programmes

  • 2009-79

    Researching health policy and system issues

Welcome to the MARCH Centre

The Centre for Maternal, Adolescent, Reproductive, and Child Health (MARCH) is the central hub for women’s and children’s health within The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, with over 150 members creating synergies for inter-disciplinary research and leadership for change.

MARCH strengthens and promotes innovation, evaluation and evidence-based policy making by fostering communication and collaboration inside and outside the School and between researchers and policy makers, across a range of settings in over 100 countries and multiple disciplines. 

Currently we have over 80 multidisciplinary research studies (click to see where we work), coordinated by world leading scientists and covering themes along the continuum of care including:

  • young people’s health and behaviours
  • family planning and reproductive health
  • infertility
  • maternal mortality and morbidity
  • newborn health, preterm birth and stillbirths
  • nutrition and child health, growth and development
  • diagnosis, prevention and treatment for infectious disease in pregnancy and childhood

Our work is organised around three priority points in the lifecycle:

*Learn more about our Centre themes here.

adolescents births and childrenmarchlifecycle

We recently launched the Centre’s first report, which focuses on improving women’s and children’s health worldwide:

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