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The Centre for Maternal, Adolescent, Reproductive, and Child Health (MARCH) is the central hub for women’s and children’s health within The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

MARCH Retreat 11 May 2016

The MARCH retreat 2016 was held on the 11 May 2016.

The theme of the retreat was the Global Strategy: survive, thrive and transform. The event facilitated discussion on current LSHTM research in relation to the three pillars, and also served as an opportunity to identify research gaps. The information collected will be used to inform a longer term research stategy, which will be published in the near future as part of the MARCH bi-annual report.

Retreat agenda

Global Launch of the Lancet Series on Ending Preventable Stillbirths

In cooperation with The Lancet, the MARCH Centre hosted the official launch of the Lancet Series on Ending Preventable Stillbirth at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine on January 19th, 2016.

Ending Preventable Stillbirths publications are available on The Lancet here.

The series follows The Lancet’s Stillbirth Series launched in April 2011.

A video of the event is available to view here

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Free Online Course - start date: 29 February 2016

This six-week free online course presents the latest data, priorities and debates about the health of adolescents, mothers, newborns and children worldwide.

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A Call for Sustained and Improved Measurement

Video interview with Dr Tanya Marchant on a recent Lancet paper written on behalf of the Kirkland Group. Dr Marchant is a member of the Kirkland Group and explains the six principles the group put together as a call to action for improving measurment for maternal, newborn and child health.

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The ABC of Maternal, Adolescent, Reproductive and Child Health

Listen to staff explain more about the work of the Centre and how it aims to improve women's and children's health worldwide.

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We research maternal, reproductive and child health problems, and generate new knowledge

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LSHTM MARCH Centre members regularly publish papers and articles on maternal, adolescent, reproductive and child health issues.

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