• 208-266

    Conducting research on specific interventions and services to improve health care

  • 1593-4

    Investigating the determinants of sexual and reproductive health

  • 2009-940

    Describing the epidemiology of child morbidity and mortality

  • 2009-239

    Developing methods for evaluating progress achieved by health programmes

  • 2009-79

    Researching health policy and system issues

1st Annual MARCH Centre Retreat


1st MARCH Centre Retreat

by Dr Jessica Nakiyingi-Miiro, LSHTM Alumni Scholarship

On March 31st & April 1st I attended the first MARCH (Maternal, Adolescent, Reproductive & Child Health) Centre retreat held at Downing College, Cambridge. The retreat was attended by 75 people from all 3 faculties of the LSHTM…

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Maternal Health Task Force Webinars

As the end of the Millennium Development Goals in 2015 draws near, it is critical that the maternal health community come together to ensure that maternal health remains on the international agenda.

This month, the Maternal Health Task Force (MTHF) will host two webinars to advance discussion on targets and…

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Can measurement inspire change for women and children?

screenshot 3

This is a cross-post from IDEAS and Impatient Optimists 

7 March 2014
Authors: Agnes Becker, Krystyna Makowiecka, Tanya Marchant.

Melinda and I are disgusted by the fact that more than six million children died last year. But we are motivated by the fact that this number is the lowest…

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Child-bearing women deserve respectful and equitable healthcare – a theme for the post-MDG agenda


This is a cross post from IDEAS

11 February 2014

Maternal and neonatal healthcare is going to remain a central focus on the developmental agenda for low- and middle-income countries, but public health professionals need to focus more on quality, equity and respect for healthcare users. And women’s…

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Harnessing the power of open data to improve maternal and newborn health

This is a cross post from IDEAS.

10 February 2014

Screenshot from the Sure Start data sharing website

Author: John Ballenot, Communications Officer, PATH

The increasing availability of open data promises to transform global health and development. A data-sharing website established by PATH’s Sure Start project in India…

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